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All You Need To Know About Pool Maintenance


Every homeowner needs to know about pool maintenance. Proper pool maintenance can help you to avoid skin infections. It will also help you to avoid significant repairs on your pool. Repairing your pool can be very expensive and especially when you wait for too long.

Learning proper pool maintenance is the best way to bring down the cost of running a pool. There are different ways to maintain your pool. The best way to go about it is to keep the pool clean at all times using intex pool filter. Here is all you need to know about tool care:

Is Pool Maintenance Difficult?

pool careMaintaining your pool does not have to be difficult. When it comes to pool maintenance, the trick is to do regular maintenance. Do not wait for too long before you start taking care of your pool.

Make sure that you do some care on your pool at least once a week. The normal care involves treating the water with chemicals as well as scoping all the leaves from the water. Make sure that you stick to this routine, and your pool will always remain clean.

Best Time to Run the Pool Pump

Running the pool pump is important to keep the pool in good condition. However, you need to know the best time to run the pool for maximum results. The best time to run the pool pump is during the day.

At this time, UV rays penetrate into the chlorine in the water. It is the best way to clean out the pool. When working on a budget and you do not want to spend a lot of money, the best time to run the pump is during the night.

How To Keep Your Pool Water Clear?

Keeping your pool water clear is very important. If you do not take care of your pool water, it will start being cloudy.

The best way to keep your water clear is by making sure that you keep the right chemical balance. A proper balance of chlorine and maintaining the right ph will keep the water clear. It is also advisable to shock the water regularly.

pool mantainance

Baking Soda for Pool Cleaning

You can use baking soda for pool cleaning. It is possible to keep your pool clean by using baking soda. The role of baking soda is to raise the ph of the pool water and keep the space clean.…